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Manufacturers Association of Nigeria

The manufacturers association of Nigeria is a national industrial association that represents Nigerian manufacturers. The association works with Nigerian manufacturers to serve their interests to the government. Some of the services they provide include, advocacy for public policies, consultancy services primarily for SMEs providing business development facilities and more, the association also carries out liaison activities for members.

For more information, visit: www.manufacturersnigeria.org

To join the association: http://www.manufacturersnigeria.org/membership/registration.php

Telephone: +234 (01) 454-2701          email: info@manufacturersnigeria.org, man@manufacturersnigeria.org

Nigerian Export Promotion Council

The Nigerian Export Promotion Council is a government  establishment setup to diversify the Nigerian economy by expanding and increasing non-oil exports for sustainable and inclusive economic growth. NEPC provides incentives to businesses willing to export as a means of boosting the economy. NEPC services include exporter registration, market development, creation and administration of export incentives, exportation training, information and alerts, and more.

For more information, visit: www.nepc.gov.ng

To register your business as an exporter: http://www.manufacturersnigeria.org/membership/registration.php

Telephone: +234(0)9 291 0966        email: enquiry@nepc.gov.nginfo@nepc.gov.ng

Nigerian Export Import Bank

The Nigerian Export Import Bank was established jointly by the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Nigeria as an export credit agency. NEXIM bank provides financial support services for Nigerian exporters with loans and guarantees on loans provided by other banks as well as credit insurance against political and commercial risks for foreign investments with an aim of becoming a first class institution for promoting a diverse export base. Services include provisioning export credit and insurance facilities, export financing, export and currency information systems and more.

For more information, visit: www.neximbank.com.ng

For a list of NEXIM bank’s financial products: www.neximbank.com.ng/products

Telephone: (+234) 9 4603630 – 9       email: neximabj@neximbank.com.ng

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The ministry of foreign affairs is the arm of the Nigerian government that deals with international relations. The ministry is responsible for handling the projection of Nigeria’s visions and ideals, they also have a mission to increase the awareness of Nigeria’s economic potential. The ministry of foreign affairs services regarding exportation include promoting international relations, easing trade for exporters and more.

For more information, visit: www.foreignaffairs.gov.ng

Central Bank of Nigeria

The Nigerian central bank is the bank with the overall control and administration of the monetary and financial sector policies of the Federal Government. The central bank is responsible for maintaining stability of prices and  monies within the nation. Development financing initiatives setup by the bank is aimed at sustainable economic growth by setting policies, creating innovative financial products to stimulate this growth.

For more information, visit: www.cenbank.org

For a list of the central bank’s  development finance products: www.cenbank.org/devfin/default

Telephone: +234 9 462 39701-02    email: info@cenbank.org

Nigerian Customs Service

Goods imported and exported out of Nigeria are subject to control by the Nigerian Customs Service. The customs service ensures all goods entering or leaving the country are not prohibited. They also handle the collection of levies due on imported or exported goods. The customs service can help facilitate trades by providing useful information on what kind of goods can go through Nigerian borders and how this can be done.

For more information, visit: www.customs.gov.ng

To find out if your product is currently prohibited from exportation: https://www.customs.gov.ng/ProhibitionList/export

Telephone: 09 4621597   email: info@customs.gov.ng

ECOWAS Commission

The ECOWAS commission is group of 15 west African states with a mandate to promote economic integration between member states. Within the ECOWAS member states, businesses enjoy borderless trade, economic partnerships and much more. The ECOWAS Trade Liberalisation Scheme- ETLS, which is one of the ECOWAS Community trade policies was created to establish a Customs Union among the Member States of the Community. The Customs Union eliminates customs duties and taxes of equivalent effect. The ETLS involves three groups of products including unprocessed goods, traditional handicraft products, industrial products.

For more information, visit: www.ecowas.int

For more on the ECOWAS ETLS: www.etls.ecowas.int

Federation of West African Chambers of Commerce & Industry

The Federation of West African Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FEWACCI) is a network of chambers in the west African region. There are 15 member countries including Nigeria and they are all fully involved in the promotion of private sector organisations by influencing policy making decision. The FEWACCI has assistance programmes and training services for businesses considering exports.

For more information, visit: www.fewacci.com

Telephone: +2347060855144   email: info@fewacci.com

International Trade Center

The International Trade Center (ITC) is the joint development agency of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the United Nations (UN), they are fully dedicated to supporting internationalisation of small and medium size enterprises. The ITC website contains a lot of very useful information for would-be exporters and veteran exports alike. In their effort to promote development of SMEs via internationalisation,  the ITC can help exporters by

 •Providing Trade and Market Intelligence
•Building a Conducive Business Environment
•Strengthening Trade and Investment Support Institutions
•Connecting to International Value Chains
•Promoting and Mainstreaming Inclusive and Green Trade
•Supporting Regional Economic Integration and South-South Links

For more information, visit: www.intracen.org

For more information for exporters by the ITC: www.intracen.org/itc/exporters

Telephone: +(41-22) 730 01 11