Follow this link to see all members of the MAN Export Promotion Group

MANEG provides membership services to Nigerian businesses exporting or considering exportation as part of their services. Our list of members includes large multinationals as well as SMEs.  MANEG member organisations can expect to enjoy all of our services including expert support on exportation and government policies.

Our services include

  • Advocacy for non-oil exportation policies that are beneficial for Nigerian businesses
  • Export facilitation in the form of documentation support, strategic information on locations, logistics support and more
  • Design & Implementation of international trade fairs to promote goods exported by Nigerian businesses
  • Interfacing on multilateral exportation opportunities
  • Certification of credible importers around the ECOWAS region and further to encourage successful trade
  • Consultation services for export matters
  • Feasibility reports on business opportunities

Membership Benefits Include

  • Access to free training courses and discounts on paid training courses
  • Prompt intervention on any member issues and one-to-one advice services to help your business through any crisis!
  • Access to specialist groups, conferences, dinners and more
  • Enjoy frontline recognition by government ministries & agencies
  • Export support on obtaining government incentives such as the Export Expansion Grant EEG and ECOWAS Trade Liberalisation Scheme ETLS
  • Enjoy accurate relevant business climate information

Follow these steps to become a member of MANEG

  • First things first, ensure that your organisation is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and that you are operating within Nigeria
  • Obtain a membership with the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN)
  • Pick up an application form at our office at the MAN House in Lagos. Alternatively, you can download it HERE
  • Complete the application form and return it with the annual membership subscription fee. ( The fee can be paid via cheque or bank draft in payable to Manufacturers Association of Nigeria Export Promotion Group)